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August 24, 2010 / Astor ICS

International Videoconferencing Help

In this age of videoconferencing and immediate communication, we have the opportunity to form alliances faster and create connections that build into the future. Many times the video conference precedes the face-to-face.

You can set up a powerful relationship before you actually meet your clients/colleagues in person. First, examine exactly you want; compliance, agreement, power, control, unity, acceptance or some other form of relationship? It doesn’t matter so much because what you will actually receive will be different.

Going in with an intention that is clear and calculated doesn’t always come out that way, in the end.

It is said that in movies, a director must respect the audience’s intelligence. Many of them know when a guitar player isn’t really playing those chords or if an actor’s performance is actually believable. Once that line has been crossed the audience may never return.

It’s the same in business. An executive may never question their behavior or style because they believe that that’s what got them there in the first place. But as Marshall Goldsmith says, ‘what got you here won’t get you there’.

In an international videoconference you should present yourself in an extended version of a telephone call; a good voice, a strong listener and all the elements you know very well. Adding the visual element allows you to enhance the whole picture.

Here’s a few tips for international videoconferencing:

  • Keep a mirror around so you can really see yourself and not just on the screen. Many times we think we are looking one way and it’s not expressed. As in smiling, we think we are but we’re not. You’ll need to show your intended emotional expression. Practice your facial moves until your satisfied.
  • Keep a solid and good sitting posture. You will appear balanced, grounded and strong. It gives you the advantage of showing your confidence outside of your face.
  • Speak clearly and at an even pace. Show your clarity of thought in your clarity of speech. Non-native speakers will appreciate and unconsciously align themselves to you.

If you consider the elements of communication and add the element of different culture, it can be a daunting task to accomplish. Astor ICS specializes in successful international communication. It can save you more than a lot of time and money. It will save the relationship, the future of your organization

Contact to learn more.


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