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August 27, 2010 / Astor ICS

Measure That Style Internationally

As production cycles become more and more globalized, it is essential for different cultures to interact daily and they need to do it fast and effective. Many times we just want to get our point across and be done with it. but that leads to a troubling scenario where people can feel shrugged off. It’s better to take just a little more time and complete the agreement or conversation a little more elegantly and correctly. By this, I mean that a little more courtesy and being clear about what is intended can go a very long way to future success.

You can ask some of your colleagues these few questions and you may see where you need to develop your abilities.

  • Tell me a few things that I do well.
  • Give me a couple pieces of advice.
  • What behaviors, if any, should I change.

Ask your colleagues/reports/superiors/friends/family do be honest and try to help you. this is a positive and not a venting of critical energy. Don’t pick those people. Choose people that want to help and be honest with you. You will be surprised that with some minor adjustments, you will will express yourself with much more ‘elegance’ and effectivity.

These are some of the fundamentals that all business people around the world look for in creating solid relations; your awareness of your talents, you openness to suggestions and your unique behavioral computability.

These are general tips and not only meant to open the door to your unique and individual style. Contact me at for a more detailed plan to prepare you for your international business relations.


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