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September 3, 2010 / Astor ICS

Re-Conditioning International Communication Differences

Many of us believe that how we look at the world, its differences and its uniqueness, we see things from a ‘correct’ point of view.

If we look carefully, we should realize that we see things from our own point of view that has been learned and conditioned. That’s not to say anything negative at all, but to express a more global picture of our own individuality.

You watched the news on television; you received a country-centric message.

You read newspapers; once again country-centric.

You watched many movies; plots and images based on creativity that is from or imported to your country for specific tastes.

You were taught agreed upon curriculum in your schools; decided factors from a multitude of information.

By just examining these four things we can see that there is a vast possibility of choices that somehow and for some reason were made that resulted in limiting our learning.

Once again, this is not bad, it’s limiting.

It all comes down to what was thought of as an unnecessary piece of information in one place, turned out to be a necessary one n another. This is one of the foundations of our regional differences and our global selection process of separation.

We are now seeing a merging of beliefs and cultures that will continue on into the future. Through understanding what makes us different from our foreign counterparts and then understanding what can unify us will be the power of international success for years to come.

The faster we realize that we are one part of a greater whole, the quicker we can communicate our purposes to foreign colleagues, and that will lead to a greater professional relationship which will create a more powerful dialogue to escape the alienation trap that so many expatriate business people fall into.


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