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September 6, 2010 / Astor ICS

Global Egos and Business Aikido

There are many versions of hard-hitting egos in business. But when you add in different cultures to the mix, dealing successfully with them can be a dauntingly difficult challenge.

By considering the personality source and its manifestation through cultural patterns is the classic approach, and many times the only way to go. But there are times when Aikido works better. I mean the principles of Aikido, the Japanese martial art.

We start with ourselves. First, we develop a strong and deep root. This means to be solidly grounded like a tree, but very flexible on top.

In international business it means to know your principles, goals and yourself very very well. That is the root. For the top, it means that being able to have a flexible communication style and be willing to negotiate for influence . That will always help.

When we are attacked by a massive ego, with lots of issues, we are wise to let their aggression go by us and merely get out of the way. It not only doesn’t give their aggression a fixed target but neutralizes the offence and turns it into a waste of energy.

In the global business world it means that we don’t extend our vanity in response to others, setting up a battle of egos. You may win the first battle, but it may prove costly for the future. If you let them blow their own horn and keep in mind your own goals by either not responding strongly or calmly engaging them, they will generally cool down.

By using managing up, down or across techniques, you will build a partner and not have to deal with their personal issues, that either come from childhood or fear. Just make an ally and realize what that person can do for you.

You may have difficulty doing this alone. At Astor ICS, we can help. Contact us for our business Aikido, International Identity™.


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