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September 23, 2010 / Astor ICS

What Makes A Great Coach

You think you need a coach. Someone who you can look to, to bring out the best in you. Someone you can practice ideas with. Someone who can give you some alternatives. Someone that wants your success.

Excellent! In fact, almost all of the top companies in The U.S. and Europe use coaches and they’re picking up fast worldwide.

It’s quite a logical progression. First their was no one. Just do your job and…well….do your job. Then some mentors came along that guided and released their favorite people. After that consultants jumped in to tell us to take a certain chance and we alone were responsible for it, and then they walked away.

But a coach is someone that finds out how you or your company is seen, seeks your ideas, talks about them with you, discusses different possibilities, works out some strategies with you and gives assistance to you to implement them. Oh, and the good ones follow through and make sure that it all makes sense and is still up to date.

We all need a coach. In business, things change so fast and opportunities come and go, it certainly helps to get some perspective and have a resource that is ready and willing to help.

What is a good coach?

  1. Someone who you believe is good for you.
  2. Someone who can speak openly and confidentially with you.
  3. Someone that you can trust.
  4. Someone that can see the different positive possibilities in your     abilities.
  5. Someone that isn’t afraid of you.
  6. Someone that will take time to research your needs.
  7. Someone who will follow up with you after the coaching contract.
  8. Someone who has integrity for you.
  9. Someone that understands what you need and can deliver.

10.  Someone that will empower you.

11.  Someone that want the very best for you.

That’s the idea here and it’s obvious from these descriptions that everyone needs a coach

Astor ICS


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