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October 19, 2010 / Astor ICS

To Connect Or Not To Connect

A conflict exists between people who feel connected to the world and people who feel only connected to their home country. It’s global-centric  vs. country-centric. It’s logical and understandable, but it’s also non-productive for the future.  By not adjusting and connecting to our neighbors and their neighbors, we will miss strategic opportunities for personal and economic growth. While other countries step in and make agreements and alliances, other countries may be left out and isolate them selves, thus preventing incredible possibilities for collaboration and communication.

What can we do if we want to take advantage of the global environment?

1. Enlarge the borders of your customers. Today, your customers come from anywhere and you are wise to accept that. Once you’ve created an international base, you can adjust to their unique needs and attributes. You can attract new customers, but you  must know your new customers.

2. Think of the future and plan accordingly. If you deny yourself a vision of reality, reality will be an unwanted guest at your door, and you certainly don’t want that. See trends, new technologies and breakthroughs, and you will be more prepared for changes in the marketplace. You will also be ready to shift your focus to other geographic areas.

3. Think of yourself as connected. Your personal vision of yourself is very powerful and it is what links you to the outside world. If you only think of the welfare and security of your won area, you may be vulnerable to more extreme downturns that affect your area. If you have a sense of people from foreign countries, you will adapt faster and with more precisions to regional problems that can be assisted with global connections.

It sounds quite simple and easily applied, but the pressures of politics and fear are strong and in some areas, getting stronger. If you consider that the Internet, news sources and multinationals are here to stay, you can move in to the ‘how’ of the situation. How do you want this environment to behave? How do you plan for your company’s future? How should you take advantage of this incredible opportunity of global connectivity?

Connect yourself to the world.



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