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November 12, 2010 / Astor ICS

The Desire To Communicate Trumps Apathy

To communicate for efficiency, productivity and effectiveness, you first need to have that desire. You need to have the courage to say to yourself, ‘I can, I must and I need to increase my abilities in such a way that I am better at my work’.

You must remember that we are all, works in progress. This will be true, as long as you are alive. It’s never over until you say it is and that is too soon.

If you are engaged in your own life and well being, you always have an eye open to bettering your abilities and your expertise. No matter if you are in school or getting ready to ‘retire’, you should feel that pull to bettering yourself.

Right there, that sense of complacency or ego or fatigue or whatever the excuse is to rest on your own accomplishments is merely an illusion that the quick fix and immediate gratification instills in us.Today’s world has a double-edged sword of googles of information coupled with it being delivered without any effort.

This is the key to begin and begin again; desire to grow. You may have a quick and cynical wit that impresses people, or some talent that gains you some attention. But those things are momentary spectacles that rarely carry through to a fulfilling existence.

In an international business setting you will be engaged and mobilized in communication if you,

1. Speak the truth in such a way as to build relationships and create a results driven environment.

2. Try to give real and honest feedback and feedforward about performance and don’t be afraid to disagree when necessary.

3. Back up what you say with some facts and come with suggestions on how to progress and move forward.

It sounds like simple material, but you should realize that to communicate well, you need to be prepared to fill up the balloon of your opinions and your directives with solid information and well thought-out scenarios and implementations. this will gain you a tremendous amount of respect and help you to build stronger relationships with your reports, colleagues, superiors and customers.

There are many aspects to communication but the desire can help you be truthful for long-term success and that what gets the engine rolling.

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