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November 29, 2010 / Astor ICS

Conditioning and International Communication

Many Europeans have understood the idea of Europe for a very long time, and there are more and more people who are joining the choir. These days, the Europeans I meet in Brussels are all very excited about working around other Europeans. They have a sense of difference that brings a piece of the group to discussions, negotiations, etc.


A piece of the group, like a member of an orchestra or a member of a sport’s team plays a specific role while contributing to the whole.


If we consider the entire international business world, we can see that more and more, we are joining together for hopeful, calculated and planned success. That taken into account, let’s consider widening the range for a moment and realize that if a transnational organization were to send someone from the home country to your country’s office as the highest level manager, how would you react?


Many people don’t realize it but they would most definitely not like it. This is not from nationalism or racism or even xenophobia, but from a fear of the true future that we are about to enter that is very different from what one has been taught.


Conditioning is much more powerful than we can ever realize, because we are deeply part of it ourselves, and when there is a conflict in that conditioning in the real world, our shock, fear and rejection is merely a survival tactic of the conditioning itself. It’s actually not ‘real’, but fabricated by the past.


If you separate yourself from this for a moment and consider it intellectually, it would be fascinating, new and highly educating to be able to work with a boss from the home office’s country and a great way to move up in an organization, not to mention the wonderful cultural and communication lessons that can be learned.


The next time your reactions grab you into thinking that a new business experience is threatening you and your security, try to put into the function of what is in the previous paragraph and you may be enlightened to find out that you are about to be an integral part of the constructive, unifying and transnational future.

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