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December 6, 2010 / Astor ICS

Communicating Strategy and Getting Out of Your Cave

Communicating strategy and realizing it have never been more essential in the dynamic international playing field. If you keep strategy hidden on a need to know basis, you run the risk of derailing the process by blind spots and unexpected events.

‘We’re living in a bubble full of trouble’, so the line from the reggae artists, Steel Pulse says, and it’s true. When we remain in our own world of thought, plans and directives, we are vulnerable to…..reality.

It sounds so easy but it’s very common. Choices are made and people are affected without careful group decision-making. It is essential to get people into the loop and keep them there. There are a host of issues that creep up and bite you if you don’t.  To be certain that the people who surround you are the ones you need, take a step back and look at the productivity level and the reached target percentage.

Is it them, or your strategy? If it’s not them, strategy inclusion procedures may be the answer.  Get their opinions, ask for suggestions and know what they’re best at. If you don’t know their strengths, you are wise to find out fast.

The resources of a knowledge worker (that’s what managers and executives are) come in many forms and abilities. You can see it in their natural personality and their tastes and preferences. They’re on the surface. What’s beneath is what you need to mine: the talents that they possess and are not using. Mine those talents and you will find jewels.

By including your circle in your situation assessment, strategy planning and the monitoring of implementation you will find that they begin to develop a profound understanding of you, their own abilities and the direction that their career will take. It brings with it retention of talent, development for the future and self-satisfaction. You should be confident in bringing them into your process and also for you to not go it alone.

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