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December 14, 2010 / Astor ICS

Coaching is Measurable and Specific!

I was listening to a presentation by an academician on the topic of ROI in coaching. She said that there is very little information about exact amounts and that the jury was still out (undecided) when it came to the actual and tangible evidence of increased revenue, etc.

This is completely baseless, ignorant and more importantly misleading. In fact, the average ROI from coaching is five or six to one.

Let’s examine the process and the facts. A coach (ICF certified and extremely familiar with the industry) begins by speaking to the client, assessing their circle of people, discusses the findings with the client and then the measures and metrics begin. The coach creates a plan with targeted issues that are to be accomplished within a specific timeframe and monitors the implemetation.

This is where coaching is so powerful. The needs of each client are many times unique and special and a customized set of metrics are always needed to be put in place. It could be; increase profitability by 3% in one quarter, help me move up the organization, make the team function more efficiently, how to raise capital, increase employee engagement and mobilization. You get the picture. This is coaching; specific needs addressed in a timely and measurable manner that succeed in accomplishing the goal(s).

The concept of do-it-yourself all the way, everyday is noble but can be too slow, not wide enough and limited. The coach has powerful tools to enhance and bring out the talents of the client while offering perspective that helps eliminate blind spots and miscalculations. Managers and executives have very deep knowledge of their fields of expertise, but many times lack the single-handed abilities to carry them through in social and strategic settings.

We do everything from vision and mission to implementation and monitoring. To measure the great variety of coaching settings is truly difficult and that’s way there are so many fields within this industry, but to say that it is not possible to measure ROI is the sign of someone living in an academic bubble, supported by the fear of their students and needing to be the center of all knowledge. It sounds like that person needs coaching to get their perceptions into perspective and learn how to do better research without their ego getting in the way.

visit Astor ICS for more information on what coaching can do for you.



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