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January 18, 2011 / Astor ICS

Soft Skills? Hard Facts, Tough Decisions and Emergency Change!!

There is an idea that analytic and customary behaviors are ‘Hard Skills’ and that professional relationships, career strategies and behavioral change are ‘Soft Skills’. This seems to have been accepted as the divisions of the two basic abilities and it needs to be revisited and changed.

One of them most difficult things to identify and change, are our own patterns that ultimately prevents us from the success we want. Most of the time we don’t realize what they are. We have created blind spots over the years that protect negative behaviors in a survival kind of way. We rationalize with self-justifying arguments that support our problem and reinforce it with accusatory and emotional charges outwards to other people. Everyone does this to a certain degree.

Don’t worry, realize! These aren’t little issues that just make us feel good about something if we agree, or anything like that. These are profound and call for decisive actions. It’s your survival and future and you must act. Try this.

  1. Isolate the behavior our attitude that is a problem. Ask some people that you trust. Put it in one simple sentence in your mind.
  2. Remember it. Your mind will deny and disassociate your thinking from it, so write it down.
  3. Find out what you need to do to correct it. Be creative and think of the outcome you want.
  4. View other people as sensitive and like you in the manner that they have issues too.
  5. Realize that if you help yourself, you help others .
  6. Make the change over a period of about 6 months and monitor yourself after that.

You’ll be amazed that this is not really easy and that it needs your constant attention.

These are not soft skills, by any means. There is nothing soft about finding what holds you back and engaging yourself to change.

It’s extremely powerful and it affects every aspect of your life. To me, a soft skill is something that is memorized. That’s not very difficult compared to fundamental change.


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