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February 14, 2011 / Astor ICS

What’s the Big Idea? You have It In You!

Many of us have great ideas, a lot of them. They ferment in our minds for months or years, or spontaneously emerge on impulse. Some people think ideas are like a great wind. They touch many people at around the same time and because of current conditions and the forces of logic, it’s imperative to move fast if you want to be the first. But ideas are also like beautiful and unknown seeds that if cultivated carefully and diligently, can emerge into a unique version of what many people may consider creating.

But the main idea is that ideas are an expression of the liberated mind and spirit that want to exist in some form; even if they remain ideas.

If you are in a position to have your ideas heard, manifest your own, share them with a team or any other form of making them real, it can be quite different to have them complete their cycle and go through all the motions to see them through.

Here’s a brief step-by-step to help you put the pieces of your thoughts together and have them bear fruit.

1. Keep thinking about it – It’s always great to have those first few thoughts of inspiration. But continuing in the thought process first allows you to do mental edits before you really begin. If you use your senses to experience the idea in your mind, you’ll get a strong image of what it will be like. Visualize, Feel, Sense and Imagine in a deep kind of meditation that is uninterrupted for a few minutes and stay focused. Let the thoughts come to you and also send your thoughts directly to the idea to work on it. It’s the push/pull of creative thought that can also do the editing.

2. Take some notes – Start and restart. let the first written form change and be changed. Don’t try to force your old and existing manipulations on this new idea. It won’t be new anymore. It will just slip into the old paradigms that you have always lived with. Use different forms of notes. Write in words, draw pictures, draw logic trees, start from the beginning, start from the end, write from the viewer/user or write from the creator. Be sure to write from some different perceptions. Get a 360 view.

3. Make a model version – Whatever the idea is, create a generic or general version of what you want it to be. You may be ready for the final product, but many times experienced pros make mock versions to get a sense of what it actually is before they commit it to its final form. Try it on, take a look, try it out. Realize that it will be adjusted.

4. Stop and be honest and critical – What’s right here, what’s wrong? This is another step that commonly gets left out. What did you want without compromise? Then go back to that. Your pure thought is usually the best. Stay aligned to that. have things changed from what you wanted? Ask yourself what about this is not what it should be. You’ll need to have patience and perseverance  if you want this thing to be the best it can be.

From there, you will really begin to do/make/create the near final form. This is not just for products or services. It’s for innovation of any kind. Just remember that everything is somehow connected to what came before it and make your great idea into that progression and evolution.

I know so many people who have had ideas that are very very amazing but never were able to bring them truly into this world. We are in a new and great age where the idea process can move faster into reality than ever before. We just can’t forget to use a real process. If we do we will make the next generation of innovation into mere mediocrity. You can gather up the forces and push your abilities into areas where we have never gone before and really make a great and positive difference in this world if you don’t give up and never say never.

Astor ICS


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