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February 28, 2011 / Astor ICS

Mini Monarchs, Power and Long Term Stupidity

We are emerging through a time where the needs of the group are fast outweighing the will of the individual. Management, governments and condescending so-called friends have long ruled single lives and families’ real needs and futures. But with events that we are witnessing in boardroom strategies, the North African and Middle Eastern populations and the sheer power of people around the world’s dreams, hopes and aspirations manifested, we may be fortunate enough to finally be able (or getting closer) to having a real chance.

This isn’t just the top 5% anymore. I’m not saying anything really new or present some new idea, but taking a longer view of time, the trend has been liberty, human rights and the pursuit of happiness.

So at work, we are seeing that logic and profits mix well. That respect, equality and encouraging innovation from every last person in an organization is what it takes for success in the world that’s emerging.

We are constantly being confronted by events that seem crazy and shocking. But put them all together and let them create their own pattern, you will see that humanitarianism is the best function of business and that business is moving farther away from autocratic and dictatorial behavior. In the U.S. behavior like that will get you sued and ostracized. It does exist and will continue to exist but it’s being moved over to the edges.

When I was young, I met some very, very rich men that were absolute tyrants and with all of their wealth and power, it was impossible to be around them and you were not allowed to be around them unless you submitted or were the few luck ones to be peers.

Things are changing. We are finding that it’s not productive to behave in a cult of personality anymore.  It’s all of our responsibilities to not support arrogance and pain producers anymore. No more long term stupidity, anymore.



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